Our Crew Management System is available in regards and compliances to the national, international legislations and complied with ILO, MLC 2006, safety/security requirements and protection of mutual interest of all parties of particular vessel in question.

Leomar LTD. Are very strict in medical and A+D test certification to the PNI requirements covering ship owners of the vessel. ISM requirements are obligatory to prior recruitment familiarization and studies to officers and ratings.

Leomar LTD builds up and followed within same pool of seafarers to each of our clients. Our Company receives 650-900 new and updated application forms daily which makes us easy to locate any rank to any vessel withing short time by using maritime software in order to keep our seafarers datas up to date from all around the world.

Faithfully Yours,
Capt. Yevgeniy Peschansky
as Managing Director Leomar Ltd.

Leomar Crew Human Resources Marine

Dear Clients! Leomar LTD provides Full Crew management to Ship Owners and Ship Managers of Conventional and Modern dry bulk, container, heavy lift, multipurpose,tanker all types, cement bulk carriers, -marine full crew as well as full cement factory personnel are located worldwide. We serve our Clients in very short notice.

Leomar LTD covers full range of activities such as selection, training, recruitment; ongoing/outgoing arrangements including visas, accommodation, ticketing and our crew are followed from the moment of first contact till safe arrival to their homes by our offices. Apart of full crew management our Company provides selective ranks supplies on an urgent/or planned bassis in case of emergency replacements such as sickness, injures and other cases are required immediately attendance in order vessel’s departure is guaranteed in time as per her charter party. Our seafarers of various nationalities having perfect quality marine medium and high education, training, specific vessel expiriences and multinational crew command/operation.

Why Leomar LTD?

  • -          It is modern, energetic and efficient
  • -          It provides complex service
  • -          It cares about the interests of the ship owners
  • -          It selects the best crew for you
  • -          It provides crew for all types of the vessels
  • -          It is a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business

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